TREE shop


"Make Casual Life a bit More Classy"
A Shop decorated with aged wood interiors is game-changing "LIFE STYPE SHOP" having east coast themed café and the west coast style hair salon in one.
One by One carefully selected one of kind food and One by One carefully selected one of kind beauty.
It creates the time connecting one another.
Retro-ish but also modern-ish OLD & NEW STYLE.
Opened this place wishing to be easily hang out and make ordinary life to be a little bit more classy.



The "coffee lover" owner was inspired to serve the Specialty Coffee only made by a reliable roaster.
A great selection of the coffee is available at the cafe, from Single Origin to Blended, and bittersweet Dark Roast coffee has the depth to its taste and Light Roast coffee is fruity and rich.
“Serving a cup of coffee to satisfy not only customers who already love the coffee but also those who are not fan of it yet.."
Having such thoughts, we provide the time connected by the aroma of the coffee.


Crepe is our specialty menu made by a former pastry chef who served at a famous store in Tokyo.
As we are particular about the dough, it's made with selected fine ingredients such as pasteurized milk and the beet sugar.
Pasta and sandwiches using seasonal ingredients are also highly recommended!


Want to chill? It has a completely different vibes in the evening, the café turns into casual Bar Style.
Finger food brings out the best in the ingredient and you can enjoy your drink with it.
We offer the various ways to spend the time such as throwing the birthday party with chef's choice plate and custom-made cake.


Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun
11:00 - 20:30 ( L.O. 20:00 )
Fri, Sat
11:00 - 22:00 ( L.O. 21:30 )
Regularly closed on...



"Total beauty care salon combined with both hair and beauty salon" is designed with the U.S. West Coast in mind, the space covered with white natural aged wood and full of green plants.
We provide only semi-private or private room that is of course perfect for your own use but also is mother-friendly who come along with kids and stroller.
In such a special place, you can leave hectic days behind and refresh your mind and body.
We value the time with each customer and serve in a relaxed mood.


From certified natural products that meet American strict standard to the highest grade anti-aging products such as human stem cells, we only use products that are highly selected. We offer products that are best for your skin and hair quality.


Not to mention local customers, famous artists and people from fashion industry put their trust on our top stylists, they will responsibly take care of the whole process including shampoo, hair cut and brow-drying until your next visit.


Has an excellent taste and technical skills from stylish short to loose style.
Also experienced as a hair make-up artist at the photo shoot and the live concert.
As the top designer, her skill and performance attract both men and women, and wide variety of people from different fields such as the professional athlete, artists and people in the fashion industries.
Loves to go surfing.


Experienced hair stylist with over 21 years of career. Customers, both men and women in all ages are delighted with her professional work, and even in charge of some customer's entire family members.
Best person to ask for lady-like girly hairstyle, popular style in trend and special "Up-Style" hair arrangements for the wedding.
Almost 100% of customers revisit for her head spa treatment.


10:00 - 19:00 ( lo )
Regularly closed on...



East coast themed café and the west coast style hair salon, Beach Tree can be used for shooting magazines, catalogues as well as TV & Commercials.


Please feel free to contact us for details of shooting schedule and contents.


2-12-3 Nakacho, Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 243-0018, Japan
Five minutes walk from Hon-Atsugi Station.
TEL : 046-259-8069